LEGO Minifigures 71046 Series 26 – Space Series X2 New/Sealed Display boxes of 36 Minifigures


LEGO Minifigures 71046 Series 26, Space Series X2 Display boxes of 36 Minifigures. This excellent, limited edition collection includes the following 12 LEGO Collectible Minifigures,

  • Ice Planet Redux with Space Penguin
  • Space Nurse with Pink Space Baby
  • Robot Human Suit for Tiny Aliens
  • Orion with translucent parts
  • Alien in UFO Costume
  • Classic Space Robot
  • Retro Spacewoman
  • Mutated Blacktron
  • Modern Astronaut
  • Grey Alien Tourist
  • Alien Insectoid
  • M-Tron Redux

Best Price Guaranteed! Express Shipping Worldwide! You will receive two factory unopened LEGO Minifigures Series 26 Space Series display boxes of 36, a grand total of 72 LEGO Minifigures.

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